We'll Leave The Luxury On For You


Imagine how easier it could be. 
You arrive when you want to fly with complete flexibility 
when you take off.

No queues. No stress. No worries.

More airports, for greater convenience. 
Project your success and arrive in style.
A new way to fly privately with a company founded by pilots for the customer

How flying with EliteFlightClub works

Personal Service

Call our expert at 212-655-0561 for a personal booking experience.
Let us know the dates, times, travel destination & number of passengers travelling.

Flight Reservation

You will then be provided with the estimate of the cost.
If you choose to reserve the plane we will do so for you, with exclusive upgrade options.

Ready to Fly

You will be given your itinerary of departure and arrival.
Along with your plane tail number, a safety report, the pilots name and contact details.

Cheryl Jacobs , CEO

Cheryl has been a pilot since 2005. 
She belongs to several pilot organizations such as “99’s” and “Woman in Aviation”.

As well as a successful owner of 13 businesses, Cheryl is the best Selling Author of “Escape from the Darkness into the Enchanted” and the sequel “Beyond the Enchanted… Ever After” & “How to Become Financially Independent” to name a few.